What you should know
about antiallergic products

Innovative solutions for a good night’s sleep

Allergy-friendly, machine washable, for a reasonable price. This is what we offer in our Antiallergic line of products. We also care about safety, which is why we use OEKO-TEX-certified materials to confirm that our products are free from dangerous, harmful, and carcinogenic substances. We do this to ensure safe and uninterrupted sleep.

Choosing the right duvet and pillow

amz jak wybrać poduszkę

Washing and drying

Most antiallergic products can be machine washed at home – even in 60°C. This will effectively eliminate dust mites and other microorganisms.

Medisens and Mikrofibra products and anatomic pillows made of microfiber can be washed in temperatures up to 95°C.

Antiallergic pillows and duvets quickly dry and should be hung out to dry to retain their properties.

They should not be ironed, bleached, or treated with chlorine.

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Quality and safety

Jakość i bezpieczeństwo

We always strive to ensure that our products satisfy all quality standards. We want our customers to be comfortable and safe.

Thanks to the excellent fabric quality and innovative solutions, our products are safe for particularly sensitive people. The ultra light filler developed by our technologists offer exceptionally high resilience and fill power to guarantee excellent comfort in use.


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