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Alps, Austria


Austrian know-how

Like many good stories, this one started a long time ago …

In 1991, a civil engineer decided to become a businessman. When he heard about an Austrian company selling duvet and pillow sewing machines, he didn’t think long. The equipment and know-how from the Alps themselves were brought to the heart of Greater Poland, where they lived in a small production hall in Szamotuły.

Szamotuły, Wielkopolska


Down starts

The company, which was named after its founders – Anna and Maciej Zabel – initially dealt with the regeneration of used duvets and pillows. In order to provide its customers with a dream they had never dreamed of, in 1993 the company started to produce its own products with natural, down filling. With the increase in the number of orders, the company’s processing capacity was increased – the team and machine park were expanded.

The AMZ brand began to be associated with the sale of high-quality duvets and pillows. The entire production process took place in Szamotuły – from the preparation of down and feathers, through sewing, to finishing.

New products in the AMZ offer


Antiallergic trends

The world was changing, and so were the needs of customers. In order to keep up with them, in 1999 AMZ expanded its offer with anti-allergic duvets and pillows. From the beginning, the company was looking for solutions that exceed the quality of products available on the market. Modern technology and the employment of the best specialists allowed us to gain the trust of customers also in the “new” area, which at that time were synthetic products.

Attention to detail, safety of use and durability have remained the hallmarks of Szamotuły duvets and pillows.

We bring joy to your homes


In a million bedrooms

AMZ has become one of the leaders among manufacturers of duvets and pillows. Millions of products, tailored to various needs, went to Polish homes.

In 2015, the company changed its headquarters, moving to a new office building and production and warehouse halls with a much larger area. The machinery park was expanded and modernized, and the family of the company’s employees gained many new members. What remained unchanged: the location in Szamotuły and the commitment to quality.

We care of your sleep for 30 years


30 years and what next?

Currently, AMZ offers its products to customers through over 1,000 partner showrooms in Poland, as well as an online store. Duvets and pillows from Szamotuły are also eagerly chosen by foreign customers – the current ones are available in as many as 15 European countries.

Thanks to continuous investments, the AMZ machine park is currently one of the most modern. The company is currently planning to expand the production area by another 2,000 m2, hire new specialists and improve the offer. All this is possible thanks to people for whom AMZ is very lucky from the very beginning.

The dynamic development of our company, which has changed from a small family business over 30 years into a team of over 100 people, has not displaced valuable values. At AMZ, we care about relationships between people, we pay attention to the quality of our products, and we approach the natural environment and ecology responsibly.

Our duvets and pillows are entirely made in Greater Poland, in Szamotuły. A modern, well-developed machine park and a specialized team guarantee quality in every detail – from filling to sheathing. AMZ products can be found in millions of Polish homes, as well as in many guest rooms. You can relax in their surroundings, among others, in prestigious hotels from the Radisson and Hilton chains.

The quality of Polish goose down is known all over the world, and we know how to make the best use of its advantages. AMZ is a Polish company, located in Greater Poland, but the range of our activities is constantly expanding. Duvets and pillows manufactured in Szamotuły are eagerly chosen by customers in Poland and abroad – currently in 15 European countries.

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