For professionals

We offer excellent products for hotels, motels, hostels, vacation resorts, hospitals, spas, and other kinds of medical and health establishments. Our products are made to be exceptionally durable, easy to keep clean and comfortable. We have several basic collections and sizes but we can always make a product, which perfectly fits your needs, in the appropriate size and weight.

Our synthetic lines include mainly the following collections:

  • microfiber – products covered with an innovative fabric made in micro technology and filled with AMZ DREAMFILL and AMZ DREAMBALL fibres. Guaranteed comfort and easy to keep clean (can be washed in temperatures up to 95°C),
  • polycotton – a cover fabric combines the best attributes of cotton and the durability of polyester. The collection is filled with AMZ DREAMFILL and AMZ DREAMBALL fibres, guaranteeing high quality and durability,
  • cotton – a collection inside a fine cotton fabric for people looking for products with natural covers, filled with AMZ DREAMFILL and AMZ DREAMBALL fibres,
  • batiste – exclusive collection covered with the finest batiste fabric and enriched with the Silver Protect system to ensure extra antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-mould properties.
  • our offer also includes other classic and exclusive collections, please click on the ANTIALLERGIC LINE tab.

Our natural lines include mainly the following collections:

  • basic+ – optimal quality at a reasonable price, i.e. 70% goose down inside fine cotton,
  • dream – products filled with 90% goose down, covered with a fine satin weave fabric with an admixture of bamboo fibres,
  • half-down – products covered with a strong cotton inlet, filled with goose half-down, fully natural products at very reasonable prices,
  • please click on the NATURAL LINE tab to see our other natural collections from the Exclusive and Classic lines.

Individual offer

For a dedicated individual offer, according to detailed technical specifications perfectly matching your needs, please contact us:

phone / fax: + 48 61 29 23 005
e-mail: [email protected]

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