What you should know about products
containing natural fibres?

Contemporary comfort

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Thanks to the exceptional properties of wool, the duvets and pillows filled with it provide optimal sleeping conditions.

Wool is a breathable material, which means that it effectively discharges moisture and lets the skin breath freely. Such properties guarantee a comfortable sleep and no excess sweating. The wool absorbs the moisture and then lets it evaporate naturally. Our products are made of wool supplied by world class manufacturers who provide top quality fleece.

natural fiber opis

Choosing the right duvet and pillow

Washing and drying

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Do not machine wash wool duvets and pillows. Dry cleaning is recommended.
It may seem that keeping wool products in the appropriate condition is complicated and laborious, but in reality, everything is rather simple. Wool does not absorb dirt or humidity and keeps contamination out of the threads, which means that it does not require frequent cleaning.

In everyday care, wool products should be aired out and fluffed so they can retain their properties, freshness, and shape. Do not iron, bleach, or treat with chlorine. If needed, please hang out to dry.

natural fiber pranie i suszenie
oeko tex

Quality and safety

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OEKO-TEX – The National Health Institute and OEKO-TEX certificate confirms that our products are not only of excellent quality, but that they are also skin-safe and ensure healthy sleep.

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