What you should know about natural products

Combining tradition
with innovation

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The best duvet and pillow fillers are feathers and down.
They have been used for centuries and still remain very popular due to their exceptional lightness and excellent air circulation. Our products are made with materials from only the best goose breeders. These are reliable supplies with a worldwide reputation and their down and feathers offer the best functions and quality. When they arrive, we process them to provide refinement guaranteeing top comfort.

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Choosing the right duvet and pillow

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Washing and drying

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Most of our Natural Exclusive products can be machine washed in temperatures up to 60°C.

However, you should use dedicated down and feather washing products or liquid detergent for delicate fabrics. Regular detergent will not do the trick for duvets with natural filler.

Do not iron, bleach, or treat with chlorine.

Natural fillers like to be in motion, which is why we recommend that you you’re your duvets out to dry for the natural filler to retain its properties.

Natural Classic duvets and pillows should not be machine washed, ironed, bleached, or treated with chlorine. To ensure hygiene, they can be hung out to dry when the temperature is below zero as low temperatures help eliminate bacteria. Like the Natural Exclusive duvets and pillows, these products should also be hung out to dry.

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Quality and safety

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We always strive to ensure that our products satisfy all quality standards. We want our customers to be comfortable and safe.

The down we use to make our duvets and pillows complies with standard EN12934. Such products fulfil all standards and let us offer a quality and safety guarantee.

The feathers and down used in our products do not contain any biological contamination and are safe to use.


Our natural products

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Natural classic:
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