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natural exclusive

Polish Goose Down 100%
super fine cotton fabric 90 g/m2
PREMIUM – 100% Polish goose down, super fine cotton fabric 90 g/m2 – batiste. An exclusive collection ensuring top comfort and convenience. Machine washable, safe, with acaricidal properties.
  • Exceptional product softness, lightness, and fineness.
  • Premium quality cover fabric – ultra fine and cosy batiste.
  • Exceptionally clean and safe filling in form of 100% extra quality Polish goose down subject to the EEC process.
  • Can be washed safely in temperatures up to 40°C.
  • Made in Poland by hand with attention to every detail.



Duvet types: all year round and winter duvets with cassette-style stitching (warm stitch);
summer duvets traditionally stitched,
Duvet sizes: 135×200, 155×200, 180×200, 200×200, 200×220, 220×240,
Pillow types: single chamber,
Pillows sizes: 40×40, 40×60, 50×60, 50×70, 70×80,
Available colours: white, cream,
Fabric: fine quality batiste – 100% cotton with weight of 90 g/m2,
Certificates: PZH.