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natural classic

soft downproof cotton inlet 130 g/m2
strong downproof cotton inlet 185 g/m2
INLETS – for filling duvets and pillows at home. The inlets have openings for your convenience. Available in two fabric versions. The thinner inlet with weight of 130 g/m2 is for finer down fillings. The thicker 185 g/m2 inlet is intended for filling with feathers and half-down.
  • The duvet inlets are made with the warm stitching technology and have compartments with filling openings.
  • Inlets for single-chamber duvets for stitching.
  • Three sizes of pillow inlets. 100% cotton.
  • The inlets are finished with stylish pips.



Inlet for Pillows sizes: 40×40, 50×60, 70×80,
Inlet for Duvets sizes: 155×200, 200×220,
Fabric: inlet 100% cotton with weight of 130 g/m2 or 185 g/m2,
Avaible colour: white, cream, pink,
Certificates: PZH.