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natural classic

goose feathers 100%
downproof cotton inlet 130 g/m2
TOPPERS – (top mattress) – covered with fine cotton inlet, filled with goose feathers. Guarantee increased mattress comfort and protect the mattress from dirt. The rubber bands on the edges keep the Topper in place on the mattress. The high quality materials and workmanship guarantee durability.
  • Made entirely of natural materials. The goose feather filling ensures natural warmth, softness, resilience, and sleeping comfort thanks to the increased air circulation and humidity absorption.
  • The 5-centimetre high Topper evens out your mattress for your convenience.
  • Safety guaranteed by the PZH certificate.



Size: 80x200x5, 90x200x5, 120x200x5, 140x200x5, 160x200x5, 180x200x5,
Filling: goose feathers,
Fabric: 100% cotton soft inlet with weight of 130 g / m2,
Avaible colour: white,
Certificates: PZH.