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microfiber protective pad

antiallergic classic

100% polyester microfiber
THE MICROFIBER PROTECTIVE PAD protects your mattress from dirt. Light, durable, fast-drying, and easy to keep ultra clean thanks to being machine washable in temperatures up to 95°C. Antiallergic product.    
  • Innovative French Microfiber fabric – sensuous, extremely durable, thickly weaved, with characteristic “fluff”, preventing the protective pad from being displaced on the mattress.
  • The DreamFill filler designed by our technologists comes in form of resilient fluffy fabric, which is designed to retain its initial properties for as long as possible.
  • An ultra clean sleep environment resulting from the product being machine washable in temperatures up to 95°C and fast drying properties.



Size: 60×120, 70×140, 90×200, 100×200, 120×200,
140×200, 160×200, 180×200, 200×200, 200×220,
Fabric: French microfiber, 100% polyester,
Avaible colour: white, cream, pink
Certificates: PZH, OEKO-TEX