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antiallergic classic babies

French microfiber
MICROFIBER – an innovative fabric made with micro technology, fine, sensuous, offering excellent properties helping to keep the product clean thanks to it being machine washable in temperatures up to 95 degrees.
  • Sensuous and durable fabric with a characteristic “fluff” preventing the duvets and pillows from being displaced inside their cases.
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers due to its ability to maintain optimal humidity and body temperature.
  • The DreamFill filler designed by our technologists comes in form of extra fluffy fabric.
  • Can be washed safely in temperatures up to 95°C.



Set sizes: 90×120 + 40x60cm, 100×135 + 40x60cm,
Duvet types: all year round, entire surface quilted,
Pillow types: quilted of moderate loft,
Fabric: French microfiber, 100% polyester,
Avaible colour: white, cream, pink,
Certificates: PZH, OEKO-TEX.