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foot warmers

natural exclusive

Polish Goose Down 90%
super fine cotton with admixture of bamboo fibres
FOOT WARMERS – natural, exclusive foot warmers. For people who like comfortable warmness and softness as well as for those with poor circulation. Filled with the 90% finest goose down, they are light, soft, and guarantee optimal air circulation.
  • Very soft and fluffy: guaranteeing exceptional comfort.
  • Made of only natural materials.
  • Thanks to the admixture of bamboo fibres and innovative production methods, the fabrics offer antibacterial, acaricidal, and consequentially anti-odour properties.
  • Clean and safe filling in form of 90% extra quality Polish Goose Down subject to the EEC process.
  • Can be washed safely in temperatures up to 40°C.
  • Made in Poland by hand with attention to every detail.



Size: S, M., L,
Fabric: fine cotton inlet with weight of 105 g/m2,
Avaible colour: white, cream,
Certificates: PZH.