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Polish Goose Down 90%
soft cotton inlet with admixture of bamboo
DREAM – 90% Polish goose down, fine cotton with admixture of bamboo. Machine washable, safe, with acaricidal properties. The collection was recognised with the MTP Gold Medal at the 2016 Home Decor fair in Poznań.
  • Top quality fine cover fabric – cotton with admixture of bamboo.
  • Exceptionally clean and safe filler in form of 90% extra quality Polish goose down subject to the EEC process.
  • The innovative production makes the products machine washable in temperatures up to 40°C.
  • Made in Poland by hand with attention to every detail.



Set sizes: 90×120 + 40x60cm, 100×135 + 40x60cm,
Duvet types: all year round, traditionally stitched,
Pillow types: single chamber of moderate loft,
Fabric: fine cotton inlet with admixture of bamboo fibre with weight of 105 g/m2,
Avaible colour: white, cream,
Certificates: PZH.