How to find the right quilts and pillows for hotel guests?

28 May 2024 | Bez kategorii

An exclusive hotel in the business center of a large city certainly has different needs for equipment than a small guesthouse located on the edge of a forest lake. Guests who book a stay at your hotel also have their own expectations and requirements. Sometimes it seems difficult to combine them with business decisions. 

On the one hand, equipment should be comfortable, encourage relaxation and guarantee comfort – this is what guests expect. On the other hand, the durability of the items that guests use is important. Ease of cleaning and versatility are also relevant here. 

For years we have been working with various hotels in Poland and around the world, both small guesthouses and huge, prestigious chains like Radisson and Hilton. We have completed dozens of orders, and based on our experience we have prepared this short guide. We hope our advice will help you select quilts and pillows that will meet your and your guests’ expectations.

Hotel in the city

Do you run a hotel in a big city that many people visit, but stay 2-3 nights or so? Your guests are business people traveling and staying for short periods of time. This kind of activity profile is demanding, because the frequent turnover of customers makes the hotel staff change quilts and pillows every few days. These products are frequently washed, and it affects their durability. What’s more, a diverse group of guests has different requirements for room equipment. 

The main challenge is to select quilts and pillows that meet the expectations of most guests, are durable despite frequent use, and easy to clean. 

In our offer you will find many collections that will meet such needs, in particular, pay attention to quilts and pillows with natural filling. A natural collection that will meet your requirements is DREAM. Look out especially for City quilts, which are adapted to urban heating conditions and are great for any season. 

If, on the other hand, you are looking for anti-allergic products, the BATYST collection with its unique SILVER PROTECT system will work well for your hotel. These are comforters and pillows that combine fine cotton, springy and comfortable filling and durability. 

Hotel for events

Do you run a hotel with a lot going on? Your guests come to have a great time, celebrate important events such as weddings and relax. You have to meet a lot of requirements so that your guests, when they finish their stay, will want to return to the hotel in the future. That is why it is so important to take care of comfortable quilts and pillows. 

What’s more, the durability of the products and the ease of keeping them clean will be key here. 

The natural collection we recommend for your hotel is NATURAL OUTLAST. Quilts and pillows provide the comfort of down products, plus the cover fabric has thermoregulatory properties, so it will work well in all conditions.

If you prefer anti-allergenic collections, be sure to check out the COTTON INLET collection. These are quilts and pillows that provide a comfortable sleeping environment and are a versatile, comfortable product to use.

Hotel close to nature

Do you run a hotel where guests come mainly to relax and be close to nature? Proper calm, relaxation and a break from everyday life – with this in mind they book your rooms. That’s why it’s so important to have the right bed equipment. 

Convenience, comfort and bliss is one thing, on the other hand, products should be durable and easy to maintain. 

A natural collection that both you and your guests will love is ORGANIC COTTON. Quilts and pillows filled with 90% Polish goose down, covered with a soft inlet of an exceptionally beautiful unbleached cotton colour. 

Can an anti-allergenic collection be all-natural? It absolutely can! That’s what TENCEL is, a collection made mostly of wood cellulose material. In addition, the covering fabric is enriched with the health-promoting VITAL FINISH formula.

Every hotel is different

We outlined above 3 popular business profiles in the hotel industry. However, we know that many resorts escape simple classifications and have unique needs. 

That’s why, in order to select quilts and pillows that meet the needs of your hotel and your guests, contact our good sleep experts. We will talk about your expectations and prepare a customized offer. We will analyze your hotel’s business profile and suggest the best solution. 

For a tailor-made offer, go to our website and write to us:

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