We have been making
pillows and duvets for almost 30 years

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Amazingly soft duvets and pillows filled only with natural down or half-down and feathers. The Natural line offers products inspired by the best traditions, which were once the pride of every Polish home. Our grandmothers were right – natural filling is the key to a good night’s sleep.

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This line is the answer to contemporary challenges. It is allergy and asthma friendly. Thanks to our technology and solutions, people suffering from allergies and asthma can sleep well even when the symptoms of their disease are peaking – our products will give them a break from their allergies.

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These products are designed for hotels, hostels, hospitals and other medical or accommodation establishments. They are made to be durable, easy to keep clean, and comfortable. We can adapt the size and weight of the products to your specific needs.

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We haven’t forgotten about our youngest sleepyheads! We have taken advantage of our years of experience and designed products dedicated for children from the first days of their lives.

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We are always trying to meet the expectations of our clients and the demands of the market, which is why we have expanded our assortment over some additional products to provide comfort in new forms, including mattress protectors and other products.

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